AFRINIC’s Certi:6 examination attests and formally certifies that a candidate has technical knowledge and competence in the major domains of IPv6 networking. It validates all the major aspects and domains of knowledge and practice in IPv6.

You will reap the benefits of this program and:

  • Earn a globally recognized IPv6 certification
  • Benefit from a discounted rate of 35%[coupon is AIS19]
  • Become a certified IPv6 engineer and help your organization deploy IPv6 

 This certification covers the following areas:

    • IPv6 Basics | 5%
    • Understanding IPv6 Addressing & Address Types | 5%
    • Subnetting and Address Planning | 15%
    • Comparing IPv6 to IPv4 | 5%
    • Neighbour Discovery Protocol | 20%
    • Basic Configuration | 10%
    • Configuration Provisioning | 20%
    • Basic Routing & Forwarding | 10%
    • Basics of Transition Techniques | 10%

We invite you to register your application on our website here:, please use the discount coupon AIS19. Do not miss this unique opportunity. A discounted rate of 35% will exceptionally apply to AIS’19 delegates on site.  

The examination is in English and French, and will take place on 17 June 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala Uganda.

Register at

We look forward to see you in Kampala, Uganda